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Allergy Care

Allergy Care combines herbs and nutrients that may assist in the temporary symptomatic relief of minor allergies. Perilla is used in traditional Chinese medicine, albizia in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, and baical skullcap in traditional western herbal medicine to reduce symptoms of allergy. Perilla and rosemary are sources of rosmarinic acid which provides temporary relief of seasonal allergy symptoms such as itchy nose, watery eyes and itchy eyes. Increasing vitamin C and quercetin intake may decrease histamine levels, and quercetin in turn aids in reducing allergy symptoms.

  • Contains a mix of anti-allergenic herbs from Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese and western herbal medicines – perilla, albizia, baical skullcap.
  • Helps to relieve and reduce seasonal allergy symptoms, such as itchy and watery eyes and nose.
  • Perilla is also used in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce coughs, calm wheezing and dissolve phlegm.
  • Provides natural antihistamine activity from vitamin C and quercetin as well as nutritional support for normal healthy immune function.
  • Contains 68mg rosmarinic acid per daily dose for assistance in symptomatic relief of seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.

Omega Products

UltraClean85, OmegaTrienols and Ultraclean Omega Factors for Juniors provide comprehensive cardiovascular and cognitive support, as well as aids body functions where essential fatty acids are necessary.

  • OmegaTrienols contains the full spectrum of 8 isomers of vitamin E as found in nature.
  • UltraClean85 provide the highest concentrated dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids on the Australian market.
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health and function.
  • May temporarily relieve joint inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis.
  • Supports the maintenance of healthy mood.
  • May help to support normal blood pressure in healthy individuals.
  • Provides nutritional support for healthy skin and eye health.
  • Supports healthy growth, memory and development in children.